Sooch Foundation is a privately funded charitable foundation headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to make a positive and permanent change in the lives of economically disadvantaged people in Austin through increased educational opportunities. When making funding decisions, we look for nonprofit organizations that implement innovative solutions to long-lasting problems in education. We also prioritize funding projects that align with the permanent aspect of our goals, producing concrete, tangible outcomes that aspire to positively impact future generations.

In January 2013, Sooch Foundation underwent a significant strategic shift. In working toward our mission, the Foundation will now focus on programs that work specifically toward the two following outcomes:

  • Helping more adults and their families earn self-sustaining wages that were not previously on track to do so;
  • Increasing graduation rates from college and other post-secondary institutions for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

To reach these goals, Sooch Foundation will primarily fund programs serving adults and young adults.

Additionally, Sooch Foundation’s geographic focus is now exclusively on domestic projects in Austin; we will not continue our international funding in India moving forward. We are grateful for the experiences and partners we gained through our India grantmaking, and are excited to leverage a greater impact here in Austin.